PTSCO Meeting – October 17

Our first PTSCO meeting for the year is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th at 6:30 pm. We are still looking for interested parents to take leadership roles as President and Grade Representatives. Please join us for this organizational planning meeting to help shape the organization for upcoming years.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Additionally, federal, state and local educational laws, require school parent groups to elect/select parents to sit on committees that allow parents and guardians the opportunity to have a voice in school policies. There are two committees that require parent representatives from our school:

  1. School-Based Management Team (SBMT)SBMT is a shared decision-making body comprised of administrators, staff, parents, and community representatives. Discussions at monthly meetings focus on academics, processes and logistics, resource allocation, and communication at our school. The school-based budget is also discussed and finalized for submission to the district at a spring SBMT meeting. All members of the SBMT serve one-year term and are eligible for re-election. SBMT members are expected to attend all meetings for continuity.


  2. District Parent Coordinating Council (DPCC)DPCC has monthly business meetings to consider and address issues facing families and students across the Buffalo Public School district. Each school is expected to elect/select a representative and an alternative, but all meetings are open to all parents.


  • A parent/grandparent, legal guardian, or person acting “in loco parentis” on all aspects of the child’s education.
  • Must have a child or children currently enrolled at the school.
  • May not be employed by the district.

Five parents, including the DPCC representative and the President of PTSCO are required to serve on SBMT. Five parent alternate spots are also available, for a total of seven elected/selected spots on SBMT.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another person but will not be able to attend the PTSCO meeting, please email Mau Tripp ( and copy Melissa Meehan ( by October 16th. If you have any further questions regarding SBMT or DPCC, please contact DPCC Vice President Dr. Wendy Mistretta (

Should enough parents express interest in the SBMT and DPCC committees we will also have an election. Otherwise we will use a selection process with those who step forward to volunteer. Every parent voice is valued. Please consider making yours heard!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

City Honors PTSCO

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