CHS Alums! Your support is needed!

Fellow Centaur Alums:  Take a moment to think back to your times at City Honors. What was it that made it so magical? Was it a teacher who gave you opportunities to learn in creative ways or challenged you beyond what you thought you could do? Was it that our classmates and teachers all looked out for one another as equals no matter what our family finances looked like? Was it meeting new and interesting personalities from all over the city that shaped our ability to connect with anyone?

As CHS alumni serving on the board of the City Honors/Fosdick-Masten Park Foundation, we are devoted to keeping all these things alive and building on them. Funds secured by the Foundation through the generosity of our school community, both past and present, eliminate financial barriers and give our students the opportunity to focus on the joy of learning and growing. Whether it is purchasing supplemental novels for students who cannot afford them, providing specialized academic support or ensuring that every member of an athletic team has the equipment they need- gifts to the Foundation have an immediate and lasting effect on our students.

As 2016 comes to a close, we are writing to encourage all CHS Alumni to make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation’s annual fund drive. No gift is too small (or too large). You can follow this link to make a quick and easy donation on-line or to print out a donation form:

If you would like to learn more about the Foundation and what we have done to support the students of City Honors in 2015-16, view our Annual Report:

Thank you in advance for your tax deductible donation. If you have already contributed to the Annual Fund Campaign, thank you for supporting the next generation of Centaurs! You have our promise that each and every student at City Honors will benefit from your generosity.

Happy Holidays,
Cassie Cammarata ‘04
James Eagan ‘90
Richard Ferguson ‘77
Sara Hanavan ‘88
Michael Kreuzer ‘92
Heather Cherie Moore, Ph.D. ‘04
Tess Morrissey ‘06
West Richter, Jr. ‘08
Peter Sauer ‘91

PS- Don’t forget that the 7th Annual Alumni Reunion Weekend is the weekend of July 21. This is the “Largest Gathering of Centaurs on Earth” and keeps growing. We hope to see you there! Check out more information here:


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