Middle School After School Program, Writing Center

Dear CHS Families,

It is already the middle of the first half of the school year. I hope your kids are doing fine with their studies. You can always contact me with questions about our school or school district via email and/or you can meet with me at school on your convenience. Thank you for attending/volunteering at various events and supporting your children to strive better.

Here’s a recap of what is happening at our school;

Couple weeks ago we have started the Middle School after school program. It is a parent run/taught, activity program that allows middle school students to work on fun subjects, get to know students from different classes, learn to work in groups and create without being graded or tested. Four classes that are offered this semester are: 3D animation, concept art-pre-animation art, imagination-word play and superfoods-healthy cooking. We have 57 students participating and so far everyone seems happy. We would like to expand this program with the help of other parents, who would like to come and teach interesting subjects next semester. If you have a special skill and time to take part in, please contact me.

I’d like to emphasize the benefit of the Writing Center to our high school students. Mrs. Biernat, the writing coach is at school in the Museum Room every Monday and Thursday between 11am-1pm, waiting for your kids. If you are the parents of juniors and seniors, who are writing essays for college applications, she is a great resource. She can meet with your kids and read their essays and give great constructive criticism. I’ve been through the college process with my son last year who applied to 9 colleges with extra writing supplements. I cannot rave more about Mrs. Biernat’s help. She read each and every one of his drafts and helped him perfect them before submission. The Writing Center is supported by the CHS Foundation, please talk to your kids to use this valuable resource at their disposal.

You can periodically check out the school calendar on the school website for the upcoming events,

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving,

Mine Dosluoglu

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