Thank You!

Dear CHS Families,

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in any capacity making the 13th annual Party in the Hall a great success. Through an amazing volunteer effort we have exceeded our preset target. It was a night of genuine celebration, communication and collaboration. It was great to see alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff and existing parents having fun together. What a great community we have!

We are in the last quarter of the school year but we still have a lot to do. Please encourage your children to stay on track. As spring creeps in, it may be difficult to stay focused. Lastly, I would like to remind you to vote on Tuesday for the school board elections. Please keep in mind that the result of this election will have a direct influence in your child’s future. It does not matter who you vote for, but that you participate in our democracy. Children who see their parents vote are more likely to be engaged voters themselves some day. If you need more information about the candidates, please see the link below:

Thank you for your continued support of our school!

Mine Dosluoglu

CHS Parent Facilitator

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  • Events at a Glance

    September 4: Crew Open House @ WSRC, 6p
    September 6: First Day of School
    September 12: Parent Get Acquainted Night, 6-8p
    September 18: Senior Photo/Make Up Day
    September 20: Back to School Food Truck Party, 5-8p
    September 28: Open House, 9-11a
    October 5: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted
    October 10: Underclassmen Photo Day
    October 14: Columbus Day – No School
    October 16: PSAT Testing, Gr 10 & 11 (Periods 1-4)
    October 19: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted
    October 25: Ice Cream Social/Haunted Lockers, Gr 5&6, 6:30-8:30p
    October 26: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted


    Looking for sports-related event dates? Click on the link to the master calendar: Open CHS Master Calendar

    Click here to view or download the 2018-2019 BPS District Calendar.

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