End of the Year – Congratulations to the City Honors Community!!

PTSCO Update June, 2012

(Note – post has been updated with results of the June 13 PTSCO meeting – see below)

What a great year the City Honors Community has experienced!  Each year we continue to rise nationally in our rankings in the Washington Post, Newsweek and US News and World Report – we all know that it is the strength of the staff, the enthusiasm of our students and the engagement of the parents that makes this school #1 in the State of New York.  Congratulations to everyone!!

As we wind up the year, our last PTSCO meeting will be held at 6pm in the LGI room on Wednesday, June 13th.  Please put it on your calendar now and plan to attend.

At the meeting we will be voting on our new Bylaws.  (Click here (PTSCOBylaws_2012proposed) for a copy of the proposed bylaws and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at diana.cihak@gmail.com).

We will also vote on our officer slate for the year.  If you are interested in being considered for the slate, again, please email me.

We also are always looking for additional Grade Level Representatives for the upcoming school year.  These parents are the liaison for the families in their grade level.  It’s an important position, I hope you will consider becoming involved – again, email me if you are interested.

Last, but not least, it is not unusual for those at the top to face a higher level of scrutiny and criticism.  City Honors is no exception.  But I am sure as a member of our school community you believe, as I do, that the national rankings and prestige that City Honors brings to the Buffalo Public Schools should be a held up as an asset to our entire Buffalo community.  I hope that you will do all you can to help talk the good things about City Honors offers, to your friends and family, in the media if you have that opportunity, and of course online.

Thank you for all you do and I look forward to seeing you on June 13th!


At the PTSCO meeting on June 13th the proposed Bylaws that I have referred to in this column were passed unanimously.  The passage updates our documents to more accurately reflects the successful way that the PTSCO is working today.  It also adds two important positions to our Executive Board – a representative from PTSCO to the Foundation Board and a Coordinator for our Grade Level Reps.

Congratulations to all of the officers for 2012-2013 that were elected at the meeting.  The officers for the upcoming year are:
Diana Cihak – President
Elena Blatto – Vice President
Theresa Rampade – Treasurer
Ca-Rin Miles – Secretary
Mary Beth Murray – Grade Level Representative Coordinator
Mine Dosluoglu- Representative to the CHS Foundation Board
On behalf of the entire executive board, we look forward to working with the entire CHS Community in the upcoming school year!


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