Did you know that a “Social Host Law” was recently passed in Erie County? The intent of the law is to protect our children by holding adults accountable for allowing minors to drink. It is now unlawful for any person 21 years or older who owns, rents, or otherwise controls a private residence, to knowingly allow the consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages by one or more minors on such premises or to fail to take reasonable corrective action upon becoming aware of the consumption of alcohol by one or more minors on such premises. Penalities include fines and possible imprisonment. Source: Local Law No. 1 – 2014. Thank you to The Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc. (ECCPASA) for sharing this information. Learn more at http://www.eccpasa.org

Concerned adults, teachers, students and friends no longer have to have to stand by helplessly when our children are endangered by underage house parties and those who would allow them to happen! You now have a number to call 24 hours a day, to report planned underage drinking parties; underage drinking parties taking place or other activities that may be harmful to the health, safety and welfare of young people. The tip line (1-800- 851-1932) is ANONYMOUS, CONFIDENTIAL and free.

The CHS Site Based Management Team has begun discussions with ECCPASA regarding increased steps to prevent social hosting by adults, underage drinking and substance abuse within our school community. Please stay tuned as we roll out details of this partnership this spring.

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    October 26: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted
    October 31: Pelion’s Spook-a-Rama
    October 31 – November 8: Cardinal Craze Week


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