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Parents driving their child to school are reminded that first period now starts at 8:08. Students learn more and see more success when they are here on-time each day! Parents should target 7:55 as arrival time for their child so they have plenty of time to get settled and to class on-time.

Our yellow and metro bus configuration at dismissal has been modified this year to increase student safety. Parents are asked to exercise patience and expect delays if navigating an automobile on Fosdick Street at dismissal. Reuniting our full original campus as a part of the Fosdick Field Restoration Project promises to help separate different forms of traffic and will increase curb space for vehicle loading/unloading. In the meantime, we ask again that all parents anticipate traffic will move slowly and standing room will be limited on Fosdick Street at dismissal.

Cardinal Craze week wrapped up at CHS last week with a flourish. In the week-long competition to win ‘The Rock’, the 8th graders proved victorious by a hair over the senior class who took second place and the grade 11 students who took third place. This is first time an 8th grade class has won The Rock and the second time the Class of 2022 has won The Rock.

Just as importantly as the CHS spirit that was on full display throughout the week, were some of the outcomes to benefit others. CHS was able to send off a truck load of supplies to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief. In addition, nine full carloads of non-perishable food items were dropped off by Dr. Kresse and a group of student volunteers to the Macedonia Food Pantry on Wednesday. These donations will help to sustain the food pantry throughout the winter as it assists families in need. This is largest donation CHS has ever made to the food pantry! The Macedonia community wishes to express that they are overwhelmed and grateful for the support from their neighbors at CHS. Thank you to all the students, staff and CHS families who helped to make Cardinal Craze week a success this year!


The All City Jazz Band, a pre-BPO performance for the Community Spotlight in the Mary Seaton Room at Kleinhans Music Hall, will take place on Sunday, October 22 from 1:30 – 2:15 p.m.

The All City Jazz Band is directed by Dr. Mark Filsinger and is comprised of students from the following Buffalo Public Schools:

BAVPA: Directed by Tim
City Honors: Directed by Donna Kerr
Hutch-Tech: Directed by Amy Steiner
Olmsted: Directed by Bryan Pullins
South Park: Directed by Ellen Pieroni

The Buffalo Philharmonic Concert following is Russian Fantasy featuring 5 time Grammy winning bassist, Victor Wooten in a performance of his and Conni Ellisor’s original composition The Bass Whisperer, and the BPO Chorus and Orchestra performing the music of Borodin.

Mention the All City Jazz Band by phone or in person at the box office and you will receive the following discount for tickets:

All City Jazz Band
$20 – Adults
$7 – Students

Your ticket will provide you with the much anticipated performance of our students in the All City Jazz Band at 1:30pm and the BPO concert to follow at 2:30pm.

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, approximately 25 boxes of donations for the Puerto Rico Relief Drive were picked up by the Buffalo Public Schools.

If you wanted to donate, it’s not too late!

City Honors will be collecting donations through tomorrow, Friday, October 6th.

Donations of bottled water, baby supplies (wipes/diapers), candles, batteries, flashlights, and canned food are needed.  There is a box for donations set up in our front foyer by the Auditorium doors and student volunteers will be organizing donations throughout the week. All donations will be taken to The Belle Center on Maryland Street on Buffalo’s West Side, and from there they will be shipped directly to the people of Puerto Rico.

Thank you to Assistant Principal, Alicia Barinas, for spearheading the drive and students JJ Kassem-Lopez, Alysia Rodriguez, Calah Turpin, and Kayla Bonilla for helping with the drive.

Registration for the CHS High School Ski & Snowboard Club is now open!

Register by October 31 to avoid late fee.

Click here for registration form and additional details.

This information may also be found on the City Honors website under School Life > Clubs/Activities:

Please contact Alex Thomson, City Honors Ski Club Advisor, with any questions you may have about CHS Ski & Snowboard Club.

Alex Thomson, 716-884-8532,

The CHS Girls XCountry Team headed off to the ‘Grand Daddy’ of all meets on September 30, 2017, the McQuaid Invitational, and did not disappoint!

The Centaurs placed 4th overall in their division. 11th graders Ryan James and Cecilia Favorito came in 3rd and 6th overall respectively.

Ryan James was also named a Buffalo News Runner of the Week! Congrats Girls!






















Save the date for the next “Rock the Hilltop” (More Cowbell Tour) at City Honors School!

The date is set for Wednesday, November 15 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. in the CHS auditorium.

This is a concert and instrumental music department fundraiser for City Honors School.

Featuring performances by the City Honors Band, Orchestral Groups and Community Chorus.

Basket raffles, 50/50 split and more!

More information forthcoming.

It’s our first PTSCO Middle School Dance of the year!  This dance will be sponsored by PTSCO and the Class of 2022.

October 13, 2017 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

St. George Orthodox Church, 2 Nottingham Terrace Buffalo, NY 14216

Grades 5-8 Welcome

Click on the links below to download the flyer as well as the dance rules and permission slip.

Parent volunteers are needed to help chaperones.  Snacks will also be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Donna Graham at 697-1447 ( if you have questions, wish to volunteer and/or would like to donate snacks.

The CHS Student Council would like you to know that Cardinal Craze Week 2017 is here! Cardinal Week is October 2-6. Cardinal Craze week celebrates the spirit of CHS and each class at CHS.

Here is the line-up of theme days:

America Monday (10/2): wear your red, white, and blue!!!

-Hallway decorating begins

Tropical Tuesday (10/3): get out your leis and Hawaiian shirts!

School Spirit Day Wednesday (10/4): break out the City Honors gear! Cardinal Red

and silver!!!
-Assembly in the school auditorium to view the senior skit and learn more about the rest of the week.

Sporty Thursday (10/5): wear your favorite team apparel and jerseys!

-hot dog sale during lunch periods

Friday Class Color Day (10/6): put on your special class tees!!! (colors below)

-school wide lip dub filming

-pep rally in the gym where the winner of the rock is announced!

-high school dance from 7:00pm-9:30pm (tickets $10 each. For sale during lunch periods. 300 student limit, first come, first serve. No ticket will be sold without signed parent/student agreement)

Class Colors (For Class Color Day and Hallway Decorations!)

5th – white
6th – purple
7th – orange
8th – pink

9th – yellow
10th – green
11th – blue
12th – red

2017 class color t-shirts will be on sale during lunch periods starting Monday and are $5.00 each. (Shirts are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Buy early and get your size while it lasts!)

Points System- Ways to help your class win ‘The Rock’!!!

(Don’t know what ‘The Rock’ is? See the bottom of this email

-1 point per canned good or nonperishable (put in homeroom box. All items go to benefit the Macedonia Food Pantry across from CHS on North Street)

-3 points for each student who dresses up for each theme day

-5 points for each student who attends sporting events (list of events that qualify below)

-100 points to best decorated hallway, 50 to second place, 25 points to third place

(decided by secret faulty judges)

Sports Calendar:

Monday (10/2):

-Varsity Volleyball Game at 4:30pm (City Honors Gym)

-Varsity Boys Soccer Game (time and place TBD, check board outside Mr. Hingston’s


Tuesday (10/3):

-Varsity Girls Soccer Game at 5pm (All-High)

Wednesday (10/4):

-Varsity Boys Cross-Country at 5pm (Delaware Park Rose Garden)

-Varsity Girls Swim Meet at 5pm (City Honors Natatorium)

-Varsity Boys Soccer Game at 6pm (All High)

Thursday (10/5):

-Varsity Girls Cross-Country at 5pm (Delaware Park Rose Garden)

Story of “The Rock”

City Honors School at Fosdick-Masten Park


The story of “The Rock”, more formally “The Rock of Mount Pelion”, begins with Dr. Amelia Trant in 1912. Dr. Trant was a member of the faculty of Masten Park High School from its founding in 1897 until she retired in 1925. Dr. Trant was a remarkable individual. Not only was she an English and Psychology teacher, she was a medical doctor. She was beloved by the students of the school for her calm mentoring and the way in which she gently but persistently challenged each of them to grow and arrive at their full potential. When a few of the crankier Masten teachers complained that some of the students entering their nationally prestigious public school did not have the skills or motivation to succeed, she rejected these complaints and famously commented, “Well why am I here if all the children come to us as perfect packages?” There is a moving tribute to Dr. Trant located outside room 118 cast in bronze that was placed there by the students of the school.

After Masten Park High School burned to the ground in the great fire of 1912, Dr. Trant decided she needed to take a vacation to get her mind off the tragedy. Dr. Trant was a life-long learner of anything and everything so her vacation was not sitting on a beach. She travelled to Italy and Greece to study the ancient empires and mythologies of those lands. While travelling through Greece she was encouraged on one her stops to visit Mt. Pelion, the mythical home to Chiron the Centaur: teacher to the great heroes of Greek myth. Although remote, rugged and rural, Dr. Trant made the trip up Mt. Pelion. While there, locals shared with her the location of a rock formation said to have special powers. Dr. Trant not only visited this out cropping, she spent several days camping there. During this time, she found a unique sense of physical and spiritual renewal. This renewal may have been one of the reasons that by the time of her retirement, Dr. Trant had managed to teach for fifty years, a full 20 years beyond the average teacher these days!

Arrival on The Hilltop

One of the things Dr. Trant did before she left Greece was to have one of the rocks from that special formation at Mt. Pelion shipped back to Buffalo at great expense. Dr. Trant presented the rock to a confused principal, Pop Fosdick, upon her return. She assured him that if the “Rock of Mt. Pelion” remained a part of Masten Park High School, the school would be protected and they would never again face a fire or tragedy as they had in 1912. Pop Fosdick did this and indeed good fortune followed for the school and school community. Not only was the school free from future fires, it seemed to have an extraordinary effect on all who came in contact with it. Examples include teachers claiming that after touching the rock they were more patient with their students and knowledgeable about their subject matter. Students noticed after touching the rock, their grades improved, discipline referrals diminished, the sports teams were victorious and their acne cleared. The Rock of Mt. Pelion, or simply “The Rock” as it became known, was held with such reverence that each year a different grade level was assigned as its guardians.


The Rock of Mt. Pelion was a fixture at the school until 1977 when it was brought out at a school disco dance for students to view and celebrate. Somehow, amidst the glow of twirling lights from the mirror ball and multicolor dance floor illuminated from below, it disappeared never to be seen again. In a strange coincidence, a few months later, the school lost its playing field out front and had a street run through the campus. A few years later, the school suffered the misfortune of being closed and then abandoned. The loss of the rock clearly led to tough times. The City Honors program took over the abandoned building in the early 1980’s. Although the founders of City Honors did not have the rock of Mt. Pelion, they knew of it and how it had kept the school safe and helped its students. In tribute to the legend of the rock, they selected Chiron the Centaur as their mascot. As the years passed, only a few knew of the legend of the rock.


On August 28, 2014, Dr. Kresse was in our school’s massive attic with some CHS student leaders trying to locate our trusty popcorn machine for school activities this year. The summer heat made it boiling hot in the dark attic and frustration grew as the popcorn machine was not to be found. The group worked their way into a remote back section of the attic in hopes of finding the elusive corn popper. Eventually, they made their way into a narrow passage between two walls when the usually surefooted senior, Ben Reading, took a tumble to the ground. Dr. Kresse and the students picked him up, dusted him off the best they could in the dark and sarcastically poked at him for his clumsiness, but he insisted he had fallen over something. In searching with their hands, they found an opening along the floor and a small object protruding from that opening. With great effort, they were able to extract the full object and drag it to one of the only windows in the attic. There, in the dim light, they brushed an inch of dust and soot off the object and could just make out an inscription that confirmed what had been found was what had been lost for decades. On the object, it said “The Rock of Mt. Pelion” with the initials A.T. for Amelia Trant and the year 1912. All present sat quietly in amazement while other wept with joy for the lost treasure that had been found.

Strange Happenings

Since that August day in 2014, the Rock of Mt. Pelion has been safeguarded in a very special fashion. It spent time in the school vault and then was transported by school security officers to the labs of Mr. Mueckl and Mr. Minervino where these CHS geologists worked late evenings to analyze its composition. The very best of their efforts have yielded no match with the make-up of any other rock known to this earth. Since the rock has come back into the school’s possession, Dr. Kresse attests to some strange things happening. He claims he is able to climb the massive staircases of our building without being winded or the pain to the knees he might usually experience. For the first time in his life, he has been able to complete the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in a day’s time. He has beaten Mr. Krause four times in a row during weekly meetings of the Faculty Arm Wrestling Club. And, although disputed by many students, he claims some of the hair on his head has been growing back.


In the fall of 2014, for this first time in decades, the school resumed the tradition of assigning a grade level of students to be the guardian of the Rock of Mt. Pelion for the year. This is not a task to be taken lightly as the rock holds great symbolic and literal powers. Therefore administration, faculty and students determined to use the week of Cardinal Craze to select the class most worthy of serving as guardian through a series of challenges and tests. The class that accumulates the most points through these challenges is named “the guardians of the rock” for the upcoming year at a ceremony that culminates the week. The Rock has become a sort of Stanley Cup at CHS if you will. Each class is asked to use all their skills of ingenuity, team work and good sportsmanship to determine if they have what it takes to be the guardian of this one-of-a-kind Hilltop treasure. Since the tradition was reinstated, all agree that the quest itself, whether their class wins The Rock or not, brings us closer together and highlights all that we have to offer each other and our beloved school.

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  • Events at a Glance

    Oct 17: Picture Day, Grades 5-8
    Oct 19: Picture Day, Grades 9-11 & STARS
    Oct 22: All City Jazz Band @ Kleinhans, 1:30p
    Oct 23: WNY Consortium College Fair
    Oct 24: Financial Aid Night, 5:30-6:30p
    Oct 27: “I Scream!” Social, 6:30-8:30p
    Oct 28: Engineering Rocket Club @ Geneseo Airport
    Oct 28: Speech & Debate Meet, Rochester
    Oct 31: Ski Club Registration Due (late fee after 10/31)
    Nov 1-7: National French Week
    Nov 7:  Election Day (No School)
    Nov 10: Veterans Day (No School)
    Nov 11: Speech & Debate Meeting, Canisius
    Nov 15: Picture Retake Day
    Nov 15: Rock the Hilltop, 6:30p
    Nov 23-24: Thanksgiving Recess (No School)
    Nov 30: Parent-Teacher Conferences, 5-7p
    Dec 1: City on Stage Musical Revue, 6:30p
    Dec 25-29: Winter Recess (No School)
    Jan 1: New Years Day (No School)
    Jan 12: Keeping the Dream Alive Assembly
    Jan 15: MLK Day (No School)
    Jan 22-25: HS Regents Exams
    Feb 19: President’s Day (No School)
    Feb 20-23: Mid-Winter Recess (No School)

    Looking for sports-related event dates? Click on the link to the master calendar: Open CHS Master Calendar

    Click here to view or download the 2017-2018 BPS District Calendar.

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