Parents driving their child to school are reminded that first period now starts at 8:08. Students learn more and see more success when they are here on-time each day! Parents should target 7:55 as arrival time for their child so they have plenty of time to get settled and to class on-time.

Our yellow and metro bus configuration at dismissal has been modified this year to increase student safety. Parents are asked to exercise patience and expect delays if navigating an automobile on Fosdick Street at dismissal. Reuniting our full original campus as a part of the Fosdick Field Restoration Project promises to help separate different forms of traffic and will increase curb space for vehicle loading/unloading. In the meantime, we ask again that all parents anticipate traffic will move slowly and standing room will be limited on Fosdick Street at dismissal.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 marked the debut of a new traffic pattern on Fosdick Street. It is now one way starting at North Street and heading north to Best Street.

There are additional traffic patterns that have been modified with relation to the start and end of the school day at City Honors School. Specifically:
At the end of the school day, all yellow busses will now be lined up along Masten Avenue and along North Street so that we can load and dismiss all middle school students and students with special needs at once. As our school has grown over the past few years, we have increasingly needed to have yellow busses in a “wait line” on the other side of Best Street. This arrangement delayed the return home of many students and created the need for movement of busses while students waited. The new yellow bus arrangement should correct this situation.
End-of-day metro bus specials will be moved to Fosdick Street to allow yellow busses to access our North Street curb.
Please note that all parent drop-off in the mornings must be on Fosdick Street. Masten Avenue is a yellow bus drop-off lane and entry to the service parking lot. Please do not attempt to use Masten as a drop-off as this creates an unsafe situation for our students. The Masten Avenue atrium entrance is for the use of students coming off of Metro busses at Masten and Best.

Please use patience and caution at all times when driving near the school campus.

-We will continue to monitor and adjust our traffic patterns to maximize student safety. In years to come, we expect the future annexation of Fosdick Field and restoring our full original campus will provide us with the additional curb space needed to further improve traffic flow and safety.

Safety Alert: Please use extreme care when dropping-off or picking up a child on Fosdick Street. We strongly ask all families to enter Fosdick Street from North Street to help with traffic flow and not to double park. Please understand that school personnel are not permitted to clear Fosdick Street or direct traffic on Fosdick Street as these are tasks that can only be completed by the city streets department and police for legal and liability reasons. Parents should not use Masten Aveune as a pick-up drop-off at the start and end of school. Mixing auto traffic with yellow busses creates a dangerous situation for our students and slows the unloading of busses. The Fosdick Street side of the school atrium is open at 7:30am. Parents need not use the Masten atrium entrance. Patience must be the name of the game during the winter months. Thank you!

Please remember that all student drop-offs/pick-ups by parents must be done via Fosdick Street. Parents attempting to load/unload students in our parking lots, on North Street or on Masten Avenue jeopardize the safety of our students and staff. Parents are asked to enter Fosdick Street from North Street so that students may exit vehicles at the curb and need not cross the street (we have contacted the city to request more frequent plowing of Fosdick Street.)

As a part of the reconstruction of our campus from 2008-2010, we intentionally worked to separate faculty, yellow bus, metro bus, delivery and parent traffic to increase safety. Thank you for your commitment to this very important system.

Attention Parents with Children who Ride the Yellow Bus:

We know that many of you make special arrangements for your children on Early Release Days.  As a courtesy to our staff, we ask that, whenever possible, you send in your note, requesting alternate bus stops on the morning of Tuesday BEFORE the Early Release so that we have time and resources to process your requests.  As always, please provide your child’s first AND last name and a phone number in the note so that we can contact you with any questions.

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    September 4: Crew Open House @ WSRC, 6p
    September 6: First Day of School
    September 12: Parent Get Acquainted Night, 6-8p
    September 18: Senior Photo/Make Up Day
    September 20: Back to School Food Truck Party, 5-8p
    September 28: Open House, 9-11a
    October 5: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted
    October 10: Underclassmen Photo Day
    October 14: Columbus Day – No School
    October 16: PSAT Testing, Gr 10 & 11 (Periods 1-4)
    October 19: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted
    October 25: Ice Cream Social/Haunted Lockers, Gr 5&6, 6:30-8:30p
    October 26: CHS Admissions Testing @ Olmsted


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